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You are in control

You Hold the Keys to Your Security

When it comes to securing your cryptocurrency, you are in complete control. Your private keys are the key to accessing and managing your digital assets, so it's crucial to keep them safe and act as your own bank. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about the proactive measures you can take to ensure your digital assets are safe.

Full Autonomy Over Your Assets

Take Ownership of Your Assets

A non-custodial digital wallet enables users to keep their private keys in their own possession, granting them full authority and ownership over their assets.

With Chain Wallet, users can securely store their digital assets without any third-party interference, ensuring their data and funds are always safe and secure.

Self-governing wallets are a safe and efficient way for users to store their assets and interact directly with the blockchain. By having full control over their private keys, users have complete autonomy and ownership of their crypto and NFTs.

Non-custodial wallets are not accessible by third-parties, and are less prone to fraud and cybercrimes. With the growing popularity of digital assets, having a self-custodial wallet is the only option to ensure that your assets and keys are completely secure.

Private and protected

Fully Private and Secure

Access private and popular blockchain protocols with the Chain Wallet app. Only you have access to your funds secured by a default 24 word seed-phrase.

  • Control over Private Keys: A non-custodial digital wallet allows users to retain control over their private keys, giving them full ownership and control over their assets.
  • Security: With a non-custodial wallet, users are responsible for securing their private keys and funds, reducing the risk of third-party theft or loss.
  • Decentralization: By not relying on a centralized entity for storage and management, non-custodial wallets promote a decentralized financial system, increasing transparency and freedom for users.
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Non-custodial Digital Wallet

Best Security Practices

Your Keys,
Your Crypto.

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