Connect to the Financial Cloud

Create frictionless & secure financial products with block chain technology

Why block chain?

The block chain enables secure transfer of digital assets directly between parties using open protocols.

The Benefits of Digital Assets


Block chain stock certificates can be issued, exchanged, and settled without intermediaries.

Loyalty Points

Block chain loyalty points can interoperate seamlessly with merchants and partners.

Stored Value

Block chain stored value cards can be distributed securely to resellers, eliminating fraud.

Mobile Minutes

Block chain mobile minutes can be easily transferred between carriers and subscribers.

Energy Credits

Block chain energy credits enable an open marketplace for user-generated green energy.


Block chain currencies issued by trusted brands enable liquidity in digital asset marketplaces.

A Better Platform for Payments

Instant Transactions

Transactions on the block chain span the globe in a matter of seconds.

10-Minute Settlement

Transactions on the block chain are settled approximately every 10 minutes.

Native Interoperability

The block chain is powered by an open source protocol that anyone can run.


The block chain can never be altered - transactions form a permanent record of activity.

Chain Provides Block Chain Advantage

Transaction Security

Our multi-signature transaction co-signing service provides the highest levels of cryptographic block chain security.

Transaction Privacy

Our hierarchical deterministic address management solution ensures the privacy of your system and customers.

Block Chain Data

Our highly tuned suite of network nodes provides the fastest, most reliable access to real-time block chain data.

Product Development

We work with your team to identify, design, and implement block chain solutions for your products.