Chain Prime

Institutional Liquidity Platform

Chain Prime is our premier brokerage* service tailored for accredited investors and institutions looking to execute large digital asset trades with low slippage and near-zero fees on-demand.

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Chain Prime

Institutional Liquidity Platform

Chain Prime, the epitome of brokerage services designed specifically for accredited investors and institutions. Our platform offers seamless, large digital asset trades with unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With real-time market rate quotes powered by our extensive liquidity aggregation pools, you can execute your trades at the best market rate available, without any delay. Say goodbye to high slippage costs and hello to near-zero fee transactions.


  • Provides more privacy and control over the terms of the transaction.
  • Access to larger trading volumes that may not be available on centralized exchanges.

Fiat Ramps

  • Allows users to easily convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency.
  • Provide a secure and regulated platform for users to manage digital assets and transactions.


  • Enjoy seamless trading with high crypto liquidity, allowing for effortless buying and selling of assets without affecting market price.
  • Benefit from a stable and attractive market, with high liquidity drawing in more investors and traders and reducing the potential for significant price swings.


  • Designed for institutional investors, offering advanced features and tools catering to their specific needs.
  • High level of security, transparency, and regulatory compliance with strict KYC/AML policies and professional-grade support

* Chain Prime services are not available to clients in the United States of America, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and OFAC restricted countries. Chain Prime is only available to institutional and business clients. Chain Prime is offered through Chain Europe UAB and is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange and custodian in Lithuania.

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