Swap, Earn, Lend, and Exchange Crypto Seamlessly

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Exchange Crypto

Swap Hundreds of Cryptocurrencies

Instantly convert one digital currency to another without using a fiat-to-crypto exchange. Take advantage of our low fees and swift transaction times, while remaining 100% anonymous.

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Earn Crypto

Start Earning Rewards in Crypto

Earn crypto by providing liquidity to the Chain App with the largest decentralized liquidity protocol on Ethereum.

Earn on Crypto & Stablecoins

Earn on Crypto & Stablecoins

With our decentralized finance integration you can earn from both cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins such as ETH, DAI, USDC, and more.

Earn API Yields

Earn APY yields from your crypto deposited into decentralized finance protocols with ease directly in the Chain App.

Crypto lending

Lend Crypto Instantly

Use your crypto as collateral in decentralized finance for open and transparent lending.

Liquidity on-demand

Access over $300 million in stablecoins and crypto liquidity to borrow against your deposited crypto collateral without having to sell.

Collateral & Lending

Use a wide range of crypto collateral available in decentralized finance protocols such as ETH and WBTC to borrow stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.

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Your Keys,
Your Crypto.

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