Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap: September 2022

Chain Scores a Touchdown This Fall With A Series of Surprises

Monthly Recap: September 2022
  • Chain Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment
  • Coinbase Launches a “Learn-to-Earn” Project with XCN

Chain Becomes the Official Sponsor of the New England Franchise

Kraft Sports + Entertainment, the creative and operational division of the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, Patriot Place, and Gillette Stadium, has signed a multi-year contract with leading blockchain software company, Chain. The agreement recognizes Chain as the “official blockchain and Web3 sponsor” of the New England Franchise.

Following a multi-million dollar renovation of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the Kraft Family continues to invest in enhancing the venue's cutting-edge technology, which includes the integration of Chain's suite of blockchain software services. To ensure a more personalized experience for fans, Chain will also sponsor the Patriot Place, a 2,000 acre campus that surrounds the stadium and includes an array of experiences for visitors. Fans can watch games from the bars and restaurants at the Patriot Place, go bowling, watch movies, and even buy their favorite team’s gear at the shopping center. Patriot Place is also home to the Patriots Hall of Fame, a technology-rich museum dedicated to the history of the New England Patriots.

Chain will also be sponsoring both New England teams, including the NFL Patriots and the Revolution Soccer Club as part of their multi-year partnership with Kraft Sports. This collaboration extends beyond stadium signage, as Chain will serve as a liaison between the sports industry and the world of blockchain technology.

Chain plans to execute special Web3 experiences by merging physical and digital realities for fans visiting Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place. Many sports fans and Web3 enthusiasts embraced this partnership, and are excited to see what fan experiences Chain has in store for stadium visitors.

Coinbase Partners with Chain (XCN) to Launch Learning Initiative

Last month, Coinbase launched a “Learn-to-Earn” program that offers novice crypto users incentives upon completing a series of quizzes and learning modules. Registered Coinbase users can now earn up to $3 in XCN, which is the official governance and payments token for the Chain Ecosystem.

This initiative with Coinbase will spread awareness and educate users on the wide-range of use cases for cryptocurrencies, including XCN. Coinbase users can now watch short, educational videos about Chain and learn about its various applications while earning XCN in the process. Users must sign in or register for a Coinbase account to participate in the 'Learning Rewards' program. This initiative aims to spread awareness about different cryptocurrencies and the technology that enables them to operate. Visit this link to begin learning and earning XCN, while supplies last.

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