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Nov 1, 2022

Monthly Recap: October 2022

Chain Brings the HEAT This Crypto Winter

  • Chain Enters a Partnership with the NBA’s Miami HEAT
  • NFTiff Holders Can Now View Their NFTiff Pendant Renderings
  • Chain CEO Teases Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet Powered by Chain Cloud
  • Chain Announces a Sweepstakes for NFL New England Patriots Tickets

Chain Becomes the Official Web3 Infrastructure Partner for the NBA Miami HEAT

Chain recently signed an advertising and promotional contract with the Miami HEAT as their official Web3 and Blockchain infrastructure partner. As part of their newly formed relationship, Chain will be the first company to have its logo on the HEAT's team shooting shirt. In addition, Chain will participate in community programs with the NBA franchise, appear frequently in digital content on the team's social channels, and take part in game day activities. This partnership will signify Chain’s continuous efforts to bridge the gap between the sports industry and blockchain technology. This latest partnership will introduce innovative experiences to the Miami HEAT, and to communities in South Florida.

NFTiff Holders Get a First Glimpse at Their Tiffany & Co. Pendants

On the morning of October 26th, CryptoPunk holders got a first peek at their NFTiff pendants. Each handcrafted pendant contained its own set of unique diamond and gem stones that complemented the style of each CryptoPunk. Earlier this year, Chain partnered with the renowned jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. to give the CryptoPunks community an opportunity to bring their beloved NFT artworks to life. Each NFTiff holder is expected to receive their digital NFTiff by the end of this year, and their Tiffany & Co. pendants are to be delivered to their doorsteps by early 2023. The CryptoPunks community rushed to share screenshots of their NFTiff renderings on Twitter, with the hashtag #NFTiff.

Chain CEO Announces Upcoming Launch of Mobile Wallet on Twitter

Deepak Thapliyal (@dt_chain), CEO of Chain, revealed the launch of an upcoming non-custodial mobile wallet, powered by Chain Cloud on Twitter. The wallet will include many native features found in traditional crypto mobile wallets, such as 24-word seed phrase defaults, no privacy policy, extensive DeFi functionalities, absence of consumer data storage, and so much more. He also mentioned the countless days that were spent on perfecting the user accessibility of the wallet, which is often overlooked in many decentralized applications.

Thapliyal stated in his Twitter thread, “I’ve spent an extensive amount of time the past few months working with the team on the UX/UI, features that we as NFT/DeFi/Web3 users would want natively in a mobile app (and not in browsers), security, privacy and privacy coins, & plugged on-ramps without giving up custody.”

To celebrate the launch of the new mobile wallet, Thapliyal plans on giving away $5 million in USDC stablecoins to new users. The mobile wallet powered by Chain Cloud is scheduled to be released in the foreseeable future.

Chain Gives Away Tickets for New England Patriots Fans on Social Media

To commemorate the newly formed partnership between Chain and the New England Patriots, Chain is giving away tickets to five lucky followers for an upcoming game at Gillette Stadium. To participate, entrants must be 18 and older, reside in the New England area, follow @Chain on Instagram and Twitter, tag a friend they’d like to take to the game, and fill out a form on

Additional terms and conditions will apply.

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