Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap: November 2021

Monthly Recap: November 2021

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Chain Token (CHN)

On November 19th, the Chain Token (CHN) launch was officially announced. CHN is now available for users to employ on the Chain ecosystem. Over half a billion dollars of Chain Team Treasury has been secured and locked through our audited Timelock smart contract. Certik has successfully audited the smart contract to ensure safety, security and transparency for the community. Read the announcement in its entirety ​​here.


Sequence, the ledger-as-a-service from Chain, makes it easy to build and scale forward-thinking products by combining the power of a token-based data model with the convenience of the cloud. Any application that needs to record transactions and calculate balances can benefit from using Sequence.

Absolutely FREE up to 1M transactions/month, The Standard Plan includes unlimited team members, accounts, and queries.

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Updated documentation: Sequence

Learn more: 5-Minute Guide

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