Monthly Recap

Feb 1, 2023

January Monthly Recap

  • Chain Kicks Off the Year With Major Prizes for New England Patriots Fans
  • CIP-007 Successfully Passed – What This Means for the Chain Protocol
  • Chain is Hiring for Several Senior Leadership Roles 

Patriots Fans Scored Big for Acing Chain's Blockchain Quiz

To honor the New England community for their unwavering support, Chain announced a major giveaway during their sponsorship game at Gillette Stadium on New Year's Day. Contestants had to answer blockchain trivia questions in order to be qualified for a grand prize of 2 Putnam Club Level season tickets for the 2023-24 season. Runner up winners received tickets to single home games, and bonus prizes of autographed Patriots gear. Congratulations to all the winners! Follow Chain on Twitter for upcoming giveaway announcements.

Chain Protocol has Rebranded to the Onyx Protocol Following CIP-007

In mid-January, Chain initiated (and passed) the Chain Improvement Proposal (CIP-007), which will bring about a series of modifications to the Chain Protocol, including token destruction, lengthening of the timelock, and more. Since CIP-007 successfully passed, the proposal will result in the renaming of the Chain Protocol to the Onyx Protocol, the Chain DAO to the Onyx DAO, and the Chain Token to Onyxcoin, while keeping the same XCN symbol ticker.

Since the Onyx Protocol has successfully passed the CIP-007 proposal, Onyxcoin is now available as the new utility and governance cryptocurrency for XCN. It will continue to power blockchain infrastructure for modern Web3 applications and products, and improvements can be proposed through Onyx Improvement Proposals (OIP). Onyx DAO has received control over 15 billion XCN and will burn 5 billion, making the protocol more decentralized. In 2023, Onyx DAO, and a non-profit organization will launch the Onyx Liquidity Protocol (OLP), a fork of Compound, to enable cross-token type aggregated lending and borrowing. Exchanges and wallets will update the logo and name of XCN token to the new Onyxcoin and Onyx brand. Onyxcoin holders will still be eligible to receive discounts on Chain’s award-winning suite of blockchain infrastructure products and services. To view the Onyxcoin Protocol roadmap and stay up to date on developments, visit

Chain is Seeking New Talent for Expansion

Chain is actively searching for senior talent to join their growing team and help with their innovative mission to bring Web3 infrastructure to global markets. New team members can look forward to exciting new projects that are being built from the ground up, ranging from developing new applications to launching new initiatives.

Chain is currently looking for experienced professionals who can bring a unique perspective and valuable insight to their growing team. Most senior positions offer industry competitive salaries and an opportunity to be part of a fast-paced, emerging industry. Potential team members can also expect bonuses linked to company performance, unlimited PTO, parental leave, and health coverage (which varies by region). If you are passionate about blockchain technology and believe your skills and qualifications would be a great match, visit to explore open positions.

About Chain

Chain is a blockchain infrastructure solution company that has been on a mission to enable a smarter and more connected economy since 2014. Chain offers builders in the Web3 industry services that help streamline the process of developing, and maintaining their blockchain infrastructures. Chain implements a SaaS model for its products that addresses the complexities of overall blockchain management. Chain offers a variety of products such as Ledger, Cloud, and NFTs as a service. Companies who choose to utilize Chain’s services will be able to free up resources for developers and cut costs so that clients can focus on their own products and customer experience. Learn more:

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