Monthly Recap

Mar 1, 2023

February Monthly Recap

  • NFTiff Holders Share a First Look at Their Tiffany & Co. Pendants on Twitter
  • Chain Announces the Launch of Chain Prime
  • Chain’s CEO Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Alien Punk #5822
  • Miami and New England Residents Have an Opportunity to Score Big in 2023
  • Chain Celebrates 10 Years of Revolutionizing the Web3 Industry

CryptoPunks Unbox Their Limited-Edition NFTiff Pendants On Twitter

In February, NFT Twitter witnessed displays of sparkles and euphoria as NFTiff holders showcased their 1-of-1 Tiffany & Co. pendants. These handcrafted pieces, modeled after each holder's CryptoPunks NFT, were assembled with the utmost care and precision by the renowned jewelers at Tiffany's.

With shipments steadily making their way around the world, those who received their stunning pendants expressed their enthusiasm throughout the NFT space. Many were eager to post pictures of their pendants on Twitter, along with captions of joy, gratitude and a sense of pride for being part of such a historic project. Owning a timeless piece that seamlessly blends luxury fashion with cutting-edge technology was an experience that many will cherish for a lifetime.

Chain Launches an OTC Trading System with Chain Prime

Last month, Chain acquired a licensed European crypto provider to develop a new entity, Chain Europe UAB. This acquisition enabled the launch of Chain Prime, an automated over-the-counter (OTC) trading system designed to give users access to deep liquidity via the Chain Engine, without the hefty fees or high spreads that come with high volume trades. Chain Prime is set to revolutionize OTC Trading, allowing buyers and sellers to securely trade crypto across multiple exchanges with maximum privacy. To learn more and join Chain Prime’s waitlist, visit

Deepak Thapliyal Shares the One-Year Anniversary of His Rare Alien Punk

February 12th marked a momentous occasion for NFT enthusiasts as Chain's CEO, Deepak Thapliyal, celebrated the first anniversary of his notorious Alien Punk #5822 on Twitter. From being prominently featured in Tiffany & Co.’s ‘NFTiff’ drop to earning a coveted place in the Guinness World Record book, Alien Punk #5822 has proven to be a true icon in the NFT world. As excitement continues to build, enthusiasts and followers alike are eagerly anticipating news of the next groundbreaking milestone for the Alien Punk in the coming months.

Enter to Win Tickets to a Miami HEAT or New England Revolution Home Game

In February, Chain announced two separate sweepstakes promotions for New England and Miami residents. To express their deep appreciation and gratitude for fans showing their support for Chain, fans can now enter to win a pair of tickets for a Miami HEAT or New England Revolution game.

New England soccer fans have an opportunity to score tickets for themselves and a friend to see the New England Revolution play live this 2023 season. To enter, follow the rules at to qualify. Additional terms and conditions apply.

As for Miami HEAT fans, the clock is ticking. Don’t miss the opportunity to claim one of only 5 remaining home game tickets left in the sweepstakes! Be sure to head over to and complete the rules of entry. Terms and conditions will apply.

Chain Celebrates a Decade of Innovation in Heartfelt Anniversary Post

February marks a significant milestone for Chain, a company that has made considerable contributions across multiple industries including finance, retail, entertainment, and sports. Over the past 10 years, Chain's unwavering dedication and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible has left an eminent mark on the Web3 industry. From disrupting traditional finance to transforming the way we experience fashion and sports, Chain's impact on the space has been nothing short of revolutionary. To help our team continue to expand and break barriers, check out our open job opportunities and apply today.

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