Coinbase Launches “Learn-to-Earn” Campaign with Chain (XCN)

Coinbase Launches “Learn-to-Earn” Campaign with Chain (XCN)

Coinbase has launched a “Learn-to-Earn” program that offers rewards for Chain’s official governance and utility token, XCN. The learning initiative built by Coinbase, offers free crypto to beginner users in the space through completing a series of quizzes and learning modules. Crypto curious learners can test their knowledge about the XCN governance and payments token for the Chain ecosystem, and earn up to $3 in XCN.

To better understand the Chain ecosystem, Coinbase teamed up with Chain (XCN) to create learning modules that spread awareness, and educate new users about different cryptocurrencies. Coinbase users can now watch simple, and educational videos about Chain, and learn about its various use cases, while earning XCN in the process. To participate in the Coinbase ‘Learning Rewards’ program, users will need to sign in or register for a Coinbase account. From there, participants will be eligible to complete quizzes and be rewarded in XCN as they progress through each learning module.

Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of Chain, remarks, “We are pleased to launch this learning initiative for our native token XCN, with Coinbase. As the world continues to explore different avenues of payment mechanisms, it is our job as industry leaders to educate new users about this technology.

The goal of the learning modules is to offer incentives for new crypto users, and to better understand the principles that enable each cryptocurrency to operate. Users can sign in or register for a Coinbase account, and visit this link to begin learning and earning XCN, while supplies last.

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