Chain Token Launch

Secured by Timelock & Audited by CertiK

Chain Token Launch

The Chain Token has officially launched* and is now available for users to employ on the Chain ecosystem. A retroactive distribution has been made to all non-US Sequence users who can access these tokens through their registered Ethereum addresses. Continuing distribution programs made available to users for free will be available through various new programs which will be deployed in the near future.

Chain is also excited to announce to the community that over half a billion dollars of Chain Team Treasury is now secured and locked through our audited Timelock smart contract. We have selected CertiK, a pioneer and leader in blockchain security, to audit the smart contract to ensure security, transparency and safety for the community. Certik has successfully audited the codebase for the token contract and given it a passing grade. Additionally, CertiK has enabled SkyNet on these smart contracts to provide real-time security from potential issues and new threats. Audit documentation is available here.

In addition to establishing these smart contracts, we have utilized Gnosis Safe Multi-Signature smart contracts in order to protect additional Chain allocations.

We have identified the information below:

Chain Distribution (Remaining Sequence distribution supply)

Secured with Multi-Signature Smart Contract

Chain Team Treasury (Unlocked portion)

Secured with Multi-Signature Smart Contract

Chain Team Timelock (Locked Portion with Monthly Release)

Secured with audited Timelock Smart Contract with Multi-Signature Owner

Once the Chain Governance smart contracts are deployed, a 10,000,000 CHN allocation will be distributed to a smart contract controlled by the community.

* Disclaimer: Chain Token (“CHN”) are issued and distributed by Chain, a corporation located in Saint Kitts and Nevis, and is bound by the arbitration agreement located on CHN tokens are not investments or investment contracts, nor should they be construed as such. Rather, CHN tokens are a means of accessing discounts on Sequence, paying for invoices, accessing premium services and voting for community-based programs. Materials published by Chain do not constitute the provision of advisory services regarding investment, tax, legal, financial, accounting, consulting or any other related services, nor are they a recommendation being provided to buy, sell or purchase any product or service. Further, materials published by Chain reflect the information available as of the time of publishing and are subject to change at any time without notice. Any CHN not claimed by transferring CHN to your own digital asset wallet will result in permanent loss of such CHN by March 1, 2022. Chain will not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising out of the use of this material or its contents.

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