Chain Launches “XCN Bridge”

Chain’s announces the launch of XCN Bridge powered by Wormhole Network

Chain Launches “XCN Bridge”

Chain’s native cryptocurrency, XCN, is excited to announce the launch of XCN Bridge! XCN’s decentralized bridge will enable users to seamlessly transfer XCN from Ethereum to other supported blockchains. The Wormhole Network powers XCN Bridge, and will give users access to a trustless method to move their XCN to other blockchain networks such as the BNB chain.

Cross-chain bridges make it simpler to exchange one cryptocurrency to another without changing into a fiat currency first. Without XCN Bridge, users would have to incur more fees, in turn taking up more time and resources. The XCN Bridge is a decentralized protocol that is equipped with an intuitive user interface, and access to our convenient portal. Users from any technical background will be able to connect their wallets, and begin transferring tokens through the XCN Bridge starting today.

Unlike many standard token bridges, Wormhole offers a unique set of features that are uncommon to many cross-chain bridges. Wormhole supports a wide range of blockchains which allows users to access a variety of different DeFi protocols. Users will be able to transfer their funds without a centralized exchange present to manage their assets. Wormhole enables the exchange of information, cryptocurrency, and NFTs across different networks through its decentralized protocol. Through Wormhole’s Core Infrastructure, decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts on different blockchain networks can communicate with each other, and achieve interoperability between chains. Wormhole’s Core Layer is a contract deployed on each chain that routes the received messages to the target chain. A guardian network consisting of 19 nodes secures the Wormhole protocol.

Users can begin using the bridge now on and connect their wallets to seamlessly transfer XCN across various supported blockchains without giving up custody of their coins. Send and redeem tokens through the XCN Bridge today!

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