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Chain 2022: Year in Review

  • Chain and Tiffany & Co. Sold Out 250 “NFTiff” Pendants in 20 Minutes

In 2022, Chain debuted “Chain NFTs”, an NFT-as-a-Service product that was created and launched with the creation of NFTiff for Tiffany & Co. The white-glove NFT consulting service provided Tiffany & Co. with the tools they needed to research, design, strategize and prototype their initial vision for the project. There are only 250 NFTiff pieces in existence, each priced at 50 ETH. NFTiff was available exclusively to the CryptoPunks community, and for the first time the world witnessed a bridge between the blockchain world and luxury retail. The product sold out almost immediately during the public launch in August, and generated $12.5 million dollars in revenue in minutes. ChainNFTs developed and launched the “NFTiff Gateway”, which personally onboarded the blue chip NFT holders to help them redeem their NFTiffs each step of the way.

Following the instant sell-out of NFTiff, Chain continued to provide the Tiffany’s team with around the clock support with their NFT service. Chain was responsible for coordinating executive campaigns on social media, and creating the digital NFTiff assets for OpenSea.  While the artisans at Tiffany & Co. curated 250 custom gold-enamel pendants for the next 5 months, Chain took the lead in the digital space. By delicately handling customer concerns, processing payments for the Tiffany team, and continued site maintenance, Chain’s NFT service ensured that all aspects of the NFTiff project were handled smoothly. Chain is currently working on other premier NFT projects with luxury brands that are set to debut in 2023. To learn more about bringing your brand's digital collection to life, visit

  • Chain Signs Multi-Year Partnership Contract with Kraft Sports & Entertainment

Chain and Kraft Sports & Entertainment announced a four-year partnership wherein Chain will serve as the official blockchain and Web3 sponsor for the New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Gillette Stadium, and Patriot Place. The two organizations will work together to provide cutting edge Web3 experiences for fans inside and outside of the venue, combining Chain's proprietary blockchain technology with the newly renovated Gillette Stadium. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences, creating one of a kind experiences for fans at Gillette Stadium.

  • Chain Announces a Strategic Partnership with the Miami HEAT

Shortly after announcing a partnership deal with Kraft Sports & Entertainment, Chain announced an advertising and promotional partnership with the NBA’s Miami HEAT to act as their official Web3/Blockchain infrastructure sponsor. This partnership involves Chain having its logo on the Miami HEAT shooting shirts, a presence in community programming, and being featured in digital content on the team’s social media platforms and game day elements.

With Chain’s extensive list of collaborations with luxury brands, professional sports organizations, and finance giants to introduce blockchain infrastructure to traditional markets, this partnership with the Miami HEAT will continue to help contribute to the adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Coinbase Partners Up with Chain To Launch A “Learn-to-Earn” Campaign

To better understand the Chain ecosystem, Coinbase teamed up with Chain to spread further awareness about XCN and other cryptocurrencies. In September, Coinbase launched a new initiative called "Learn-to-Earn", that rewarded users with Chain’s official governance and utility token, XCN. Through completing a series of quizzes and learning modules, Coinbase users were awarded with XCN in the process.

  • Chain Cloud is Now Available to the World

Chain Cloud, a revolutionary decentralized and distributed infrastructure protocol, launched its full version in December. The decentralized software enables developers to access public blockchain networks on-demand, with support for over 18 EVM-compatible networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, and more. Chain Cloud offers unlimited request RPCs, enhanced security through API Keys and whitelisting options, and a user-friendly and secure Cloud Dashboard on the Chain Cloud App. With this revolutionary technology, developers can now build and scale applications with ease, streamline business operations, and expand to global audiences. To sign up, visit

  • Chain Sponsors CoinDesk’s Annual Consensus Festival in Austin, Texas

Attracting thousands of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts around the world, CoinDesk held their first in-person Consensus event since the pandemic. Chain returned to Consensus in 2022 and hosted a number of events. One of the highlights of the event was the “Sport Court”, where one lucky shooter had the chance to win 1 whole Bitcoin for landing a 3-point shot, each night for three days. Chain CEO, Deepak Thapliyal matched the 3 Bitcoins from the giveaway, and donated it to “Feeding Texas”, to support families struggling with the rising costs of inflation. Meanwhile, guest speaker Spencer Dinwiddie, a star player from the Dallas Mavericks, joined in on the conversation at the Sport Court to discuss his belief in crypto, investing into emerging financial markets, and his journey to becoming an innovator in the blockchain space. Guests also enjoyed personalized profile pictures from Chain’s automated bots, as a token of memorabilia from their time at Consensus. Attendees that were interested in working in the Web3 space were also greeted by several Chain team members at the “Talent Hub”, to discuss employment opportunities and advice for standing out to recruiters. 

  • The Year of Giveaways

Communities inside and outside of the Web3 space enjoyed a thrilling year of giveaways from Chain, and from their own CEO, Deepak Thapliyal. After announcing two sports partnerships as the official Web3/blockchain sponsor, Chain has been actively giving away New England Patriots tickets to fans, and hinted at potential giveaways for Miami HEAT tickets in 2023. Before the first Patriots game of the season, Chain announced that they will be giving away a massive grand prize of season tickets to the Patriots 2023-24 season, as well as additional bonus prizes. This sweepstakes will run until January 9, 2023 and requires fans to answer 4 blockchain trivia questions in order to enter for a chance to win.

As a passionate NFT collector and philanthropist, Chain’s CEO, Deepak Thapliyal also gave away some of his blue chip NFTs this year – one of which was CryptoPunk #6412 to promote the NFTiff project. Thapliyal also gave away his Mutant Ape #22185 on Twitter to one lucky Chain community member. To stay current with the latest giveaways Chain is hosting this year, stay tuned on their Twitter.

  • Chain Gives Donates Almost $1 Million Dollars to Various Charitable Organizations

With economic and political unrest being common themes throughout 2022, Chain Gives has supported various charities through the power of blockchain technology.  Chain’s CEO, Deepak Thapliyal sent generous crypto donations through “The Giving Block”, and even sent crypto directly to community members who needed help on behalf of Chain Gives. Chain Gives also stood tall with the REFORM Alliance this year, and showed support for wrongfully incarcerated individuals and their families. REFORM is a unique non-profit organization on a mission to radically transform the criminal justice system through regulations, and creating opportunities for individuals transitioning from incarceration back into the community.

Chain Gives also sent over a quarter of a million dollars of aid to Ukraine this year, and supported several other organizations throughout the year. Crypto donations have continued to prove that they are more inclusive to individuals without access to traditional bank accounts, and can reach the receiving party in a timely and efficient manner. Chain Gives plans to continue its mission in 2023, and support communities around the world who are in need of immediate assistance and cannot rely on the traditional financial system.

  • Chain DAO Goes Live

Chain DAO went live in late April of 2022, and launched its native staking and governance modules that are powered by the Chain XCN token. The proposals to set rewards and ensure full decentralization were passed, meaning that Chain DAO is now completely in the hands of XCN holders. The Chain Governance is managing the Chain DAO Treasury, which is composed of 10 billion XCN, and is estimated to be worth around one billion U.S dollars at its current rate. Users who want to take part in the deployment, and voting related to Chain Improvement Proposals must stake their XCN into the Chain Staking smart contract. CertiK conducted a successful audit of the Chain Governance and Staking smart contracts. The Chain DAO follows the rules set by the latest Chain Constitution and implements the necessary proposals and rewards. Those who hold XCN will be rewarded for their efforts in helping secure the DAO and its governance module by staking their XCN. Chain also released a DApp where users can stake, get rewards and take part in governance. The DApp is available at

  • Chain Welcomed New Talent to the Team in 2022

Despite a roller-coaster ride of industry lay-offs, bull-traps, and market uncertainty, Chain added several key members to its team in 2022. With a strong arsenal of developers, a growing marketing team and designers joining Chain, they were able to push out several partnership projects, and meet deadlines despite being globally dispersed. Chain hopes to continue expanding its team to help meet the demands of the Web2 and Web3 market in 2023.

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